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An IT Security Test!

A little security awareness exercise complete to see how secure your organisation is, you may be surprised at your score!

For most companies, protecting their corporate assets from computer crime is an afterthought -- usually only given priority after something bad happens.

The problem, security experts say, is that most executives don't realize how lax their computer security is or how tough it is to protect data in a wired world. 

So here's a test to take to see just how well protected your company is from computer crime.

A perfect "10" is the ideal score, but if your company is like most others experts have seen, at best you'll answer an unqualified "yes" to only four of the following questions. Look below for your score.

1. Do you have a security policy?
 Yes No

2. Does your company have a firewall?
Yes No

3. Has your company installed an intrusion-detection system?
Yes No

4. Do you require the use of anti-virus software?
Yes No

5. Is someone responsible for monitoring intrusion-detection systems and
anti-virus software?
Yes No

 6. Do you do regular security audits?
Yes No

7. Do you have procedures for reporting -- and acting upon -- security
Yes No

8. Do you have guidelines governing password selection and changes?
Yes No

9. Do your system administrators have time to keep up with the continual
flow of security advisories?

Yes No

10. When an employee leaves for any reason, are there procedures in place

 (a) cut off computer and building access?
 (b) put computer files under the control of a manager?
 (c) change all passwords, access codes, etc., that the employee might have

Yes No

..your result!

Eight "yes" answers or more: Security is clearly a top priority. Relax,
but not too much.

Six or more: You're close, but that's not good enough. Security experts
say a breach is sure to happen, it's just a question of when.

One to five:
Think flashing red lights and sirens. Your information
systems are extremely vulnerable. Chances are your network has already
been compromised -- and you don't even know it.

Please feel free to email us - support@cipher-it.co.uk

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