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Over 7,000 PowerGen customers bank details 'revealed'

  Paying for power online has posed serious security questions.  The electricity and gas supplier Powergen has confirmed a security breach in which thousands of customers may have had their banking details revealed.

The breach in security on the website of one of the UK's biggest firms was uncovered by a customer, John Chamberlain, of Leicester, who works in the computer industry.

He said: "I could not believe what I saw. It was basically names, addresses, credit card details, account numbers and so on.

" I thought 'I wonder if I'm in here' so I clicked the search button and typed my surname and off it went and found my name, my address, my credit card, my expiry date and so on.  "I was amazed."

Chamberlain told an online news service, Silicon.com, that he had found files containing the debit card details of more than 7,000 customers when he went to the site to pay his bill.

Powergen told the BBC it would be urgently contacting each customer affected by the breach in security on Wednesday.  It said it only received evidence of the breach late yesterday.

Powergen spokeswoman Isobel Hoseason said: "We take the security of customers' personal information very seriously.   "We have provided all information to the police who are investigating."

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