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About us

It's time to have confidence in your firewall!


The Anaconda Firewall is an open source product that has been further developed by a company in the UK called Cipher-IT Ltd.  Cipher-IT has then provided various support packages and hardware warranties to make the firewall an extremely viable business product.

Based on Linux standards, there are a lot of functional add-ons that send the product way and beyond any competition.  Cipher-IT integrates these and provides support to it's valued customers as a mission critical product.


Who is Cipher-IT?


A company formed in 2000 to provide an unrivalled IT Service, which is both unique, professional and is dedicated to the personnel care and development of each and every client, their staff and their business.

We decided early on that the first year would be spent on research and development. The object of this exercise was to establish a clear profile of all the partners we were prepared to work with, and involved long hours of investigation and training on a wide range of products.

Once we had a good 'bricks and mortar' business with highly skilled operatives we launched the web site and client magazine and undertook specialised marketing into areas well suited to match the skills of our team.

A prudent start, allowing the enthusiastic and energetic virtues of the Technical Department to be channelled by the conservative approach of our Managing Director who, with over 35 years business experience, will ensure a secure and prosperous future for the company.

Our dedicated engineers, with their appetite for using and implementing cutting edge technology, have a broad base of technical expertise and flexibility to meet our clients' needs. We believe in implementing advanced solutions that are scalable for future growth.

Once on site our engineers become part of the clients team, working towards achieving the clients vision and objectives on a technical level.








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