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It's time to have confidence in your firewall!


Imagine a Firewall that was:

  • Linux based (Open source)
  • Secure
  • Had a web based interface to configure it
  • Could be securely accessed and supported remotely via SSL
  • Supported an unlimited amount of VPN tunnels
  • Would email you in case of a critical alert
  • Would email you daily statistics
  • Was continually developed and patches released for free
  • Was astounding value for money
  • Incredibly stable

Well, welcome to the Anaconda firewall! It does all the above and more.


Apart from the team of Linux specialists working on this fantastic product, Cipher-IT Ltd has it's own team working at adding functionality and value for our customers.  We are running a vast number of Anaconda's live in the field, all working happily and helping us all sleep at night because we are confident in our firewall solution.


We will continue to develop this site to bring you further info and resources. Please contact us for further info and a free firewall consultation - anaconda@cipher-it.co.uk






Phone - +44 (0) 8702 426 241


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