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It's time to have confidence in your firewall!




We see a firewall as a business critical device and therefore it is vital that a business critical service is provided with the firewall.  We deliver a solution, not just a product.


There are three main products aimed at different size businesses.  In the true Linux tradition, our products are not licensed per user.  From our experience we have indicated suggested number of users below.

  • SOHO - 1 to 20 users

  • SME - 21 to 200 users

  • ENTERPRISE - Over 200 users - hardware can be customized.

Although an enterprise normally consists of at least 1000 users, our products are broken down into various hardware configurations rather than software functionality.


All our products come with:

  • FREE Pre-configuration

  • 30 Days free technical support

Warranty and Support Information:

  • 1 year standard RTB warranty

  • Upgrade to 3 year RTB warranty

  • Swap out warranty

Support Contract for:

  • Phone support + secure remote access via SSH

  • Onsite support

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  • Proxy Server

  • Web Filtering

  • Intrusion Detection

  • VPN

  • Internet Access Control

  • Extensive logging

  • System

  • Firewall

  • Web Proxy

  • Intrusion detection

  • Logging to external server

  • Alert and statistic emails

  • Traffic graphs

  • Proxy Graphs

  • DHCP Server

  • Dialup - ADSL, ISDN, modem

  • Port forwarding

  • DMZ

  • Dynamic DNS

  • Free security updates

  • Network time server

  • 11 different languages

  • Backup facility

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